Crusty Game Studios

Crusty Game Studios is my game studio where I make the crustiest of games. They'll be available to play right here!

Have fun playing the crustiest games on the internet

The Game-O-Holic is on his way to trade in some games to Gamestop, but he must have made a wrong turn in Albuquerque because angry aliens are after him! Game-O-Holic’s Adventure To Gamestop is an open world, 2D action platform game like no other! Will you be the one to help the Game-O-Holic trade in his games?

You can play it for free here!

Help! JJ needs to get the highest score before Mr. Tall Hat comes back and finds out about his hat! Will you be able to help JJ get the best score ever? Based on the children's book JJ and the Flattened Hat

You can play it for free here!

We all have problems, and it's easy to run from them but you can't run forever